Migration Mars


A Deeper Look Into The Design Concepts



Asset cards are two sided: This dissuades players from hiding their assets promoting easier and faster trading. It also allows you to potentially anticipate a faction’s next move or upcoming needs.

Lore: Each faction’s supply stock is publicly traded and logged onto a master database. These are made available for safety purposes and for reporting back to the mission sponsors on Earth. Competing factions can easily lookup other factions’ stock if needed to propose trades or offer assistance to make a deal.


Treasury and Supply Stops: The Treasury is an exospheric storage vessel in geosynchronous orbit with Mars. Earth sends supplies via shuttle to the treasury. The treasury crew then ships supplies to each faction on their scheduled supply stop.

Supplies are determined by the means in which factions can accept them. For example, the treasury will not ship excess medical supplies unless that faction has appropriate medical facilities to store them.

However, faction leaders can request specific supplies of any kind in small amounts.

Once a faction builds an export station, they can then send resources up to the treasury in exchange for supplies. Olympium is a valuable export and can be exported from Mars to the Treasury, then to Earth for additional supplies or even new citizens.

Incoming citizens shuttle from earth to temporarily live and work on the treasury vessel until they can transfer down to a faction as either a worker or an explorer.


Conjuring Meteors Within Ruins: The ruins themselves imply a past (or dormant) intelligent civilization on Mars. The best our scientists can hypothesize, is that the ancient altars within, somehow control gravitational forces of the nearby asteroid belt to magnetically dispel meteorites away from the area. However, if disturbed, the unknown physical mechanism instead attracts an asteroid—bringing it down upon the area. Some explorers think that with more experimentation they will be able to one day control the exact path of a meteorite—which could be quite powerful…and dangerous!


Building and Reactivating Ancient Fortresses: If colonies have the means, they can reconstruct ancient fortresses. A fortress has the unknown scientific ability to repel meteors from a certain radius of its location. They do require a unique blueprint map in order to properly re-erect, and the power of Olympium to activate. They do not require any external energy source so they can be positioned anywhere on the terrain.


Why Tunnels Need to Separate Buildings: Each structure has a particular energy requirement to function along with its own energy waste (heat, sound, etc.)

The tunnels act as human passages, but also relay and regulate power source from the HQ to all of its buildings. If two buildings are too close, contamination, electrical capacity interference, and power failure can occur.

However, Population Modules compatible and must be directly connected to each other as the Life Support Center provides necessary oxygen and climate control that would be otherwise inefficiently depleted over the distance of a tunnel.

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